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Provide families and children with a consistent, accessible, and coordinated means of resolving legal matters in a fair, efficient, and effective manner.
Mediation Goal
The goal of mediation is for parents to create their own parenting plan (called a Memorandum of Understanding). Mediation is not therapy. The mediator will not offer legal advice. The mediation process encourages adults to work together and to be responsible for their own parenting decisions, as an alternative to litigation through the court system.
Mediation is confidential. Mediators are often members of the legal or mental health fields with advanced degrees, in addition to having basic and ongoing advanced training in mediation. The discussions during mediation can neither be recorded nor copied. The mediator cannot be required to testify in court. The mediator may not act as your attorney.

 Contact Information

Family Court Custody Mediation
Mailing Address Only: 4th Floor
633 Court Street
Reading, PA 19601
Phone: 610-478-6208 ext. 5772
Fax: 610-478-4995
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
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