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Community Release Program

The Community Release Program (CRP) is a program that utilizes the resources of both the Juvenile Probation Office and the Abraxas Academy. The CRP is coordinated by the Juvenile Probation Office but is run at the Abraxas Academy. The participants reside in the Academy until they are released by the Juvenile Probation Office. The goal of the program is to hold youth accountable for their non-compliance during the course of traditional supervision. The program is designed for youth who are at the end of supervision, but have failed to complete financial obligations. Youth who are committed to CRP will work off their remaining obligations through community service, and if applicable, employment. The community service hours performed while the youth is in the Community Release Program may be credited through the Restitution Incentive Program (RIP). While in the Academy, the juvenile may participate in mental health services, educational opportunities, and other services provided by the Academy.