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Attempted Murder / Robbery Arrest

Attempted Murder / Robbery Arrest

Ethan W. Williams

DEFENDANT:    Ethan Westley Williams (17 Years Old)
                            4000 Stoudt’s Ferry Bridge Road
                            Reading, Pennsylvania 19605
CHARGES:     Criminal Attempt to Commit Criminal Homicide          
                         Aggravated Assault (2 Counts)
                         Simple Assault (2 Counts)
                         Recklessly Endangering Another Person
On Saturday, February 1, 2020, at approximately 8:19 P.M., the Berks County Department of Emergency Services (D.E.S.) received a 911 call relative to a shooting. The 911 caller reported that a person had been shot in the chest.
The 911 dispatcher was advised the shooting occurred in the area of Montrose Avenue and Duke Street, Borough of Laureldale, Berks County, Pennsylvania.
The 911 operator dispatched Laureldale Police Officers to this location to investigate the shooting. Additionally, members of the Muhlenberg Township Police Department also responded to this location to provide assistance.
When the initial first responders arrived on scene, they located the (18) eighteen-year-old victim, in the area of the 3200 block of Montrose Avenue. The victim sustained what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the chest. He was immediately transported to the Reading Hospital and Medical Center via ambulance. Upon arrival at the hospital, the victim was immediately taken to the operating room due to the severity of this life-threatening injury.
The responding Police Officers located Witness #1, who was present when the Robbery and Shooting occurred.
The Berks County District Attorney’s Detectives were notified to respond to the scene as the lead investigative agency.   
The Berks County Detectives interviewed Witness #1. During this interview, Witness #1 positively identified the shooter as the defendant, Ethan Westley Williams.
During the interview, Witness #1 stated that he accompanied the victim to purchase some marijuana. The victim told Witness #1 that he was going to buy some marijuana from a guy he went to high school with and identified the guy as “Ethan.” The victim said “Ethan” played football at their high school, (Muhlenberg High School). 
Witness #1 stated that the victim had exchanged electronic communications with “Ethan” earlier in the day. The victim and “Ethan” agreed to meet in the area of Montrose Avenue and Duke Street, in Laureldale, to complete the marijuana transaction.
Witness #1 stated that upon arriving at the predetermined location, “Ethan” approached the victim with a shouldered rifle pointed in their direction. Then, “Ethan” stated “Give me what you got.”
Witness #1 told “Ethan” that the victim did not have anything on him.  At the same time, “Ethan” pointed the rifle at Witness #1. The victim then charged at “Ethan”.  Witness #1 then heard a loud bang and observed a flash from the rifle.  Witness #1 observed the victim fall to the ground. 
The victim yelled that he was shot.
Witness #1 stated that he pursued the shooter as “Ethan” ran toward Montrose Avenue, on Duke Street to a waiting vehicle. He further stated that the waiting vehicle was occupied by a black male (operator of the vehicle) and that the vehicle was running. “Ethan” entered the passenger side of the waiting vehicle.  Witness #1 stated that a physical struggle ensued between him and “Ethan” prior to the vehicle fleeing the scene.
Utilizing Law Enforcement resources and databases, “Ethan” was identified to be Ethan Westley Williams, residing at 4000 Stoudt’s Ferry Bridge Road, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania.
A photographic line-up was prepared that included an image of Ethan Westley Williams.
This photographic line-up was subsequently shown to Witness #1 and he positively identified Ethan Westley Williams as the shooter.
On Sunday, February 2, 2020, the Berks County Detectives Office filed criminal charges at Reading Central Court against the defendant, Ethan Westley Williams. Magisterial District Judge Alvin Robinson issued an arrest warrant for the defendant.
At approximately 10:05 a.m., members of the Berks County Detectives Office, while conducting surveillance at 4000 Stoudt’s Ferry Bridge Road, Reading, Muhlenberg Township, observed a male exit the residence and entered a red pickup truck. The Detectives were able to visually confirm the identity of the lone male occupant, as the defendant Ethan Westley Williams, as he drove off and departed the area.
A short distance later, the defendant was taken into custody without incident.
The defendant was transported to the Berks County Detectives Office which is located in the Berks County Services Center.
Subsequently, the defendant was escorted to the Berks County Sheriff’s Department for processing, where he will be preliminary arraigned via video by a Magisterial District Judge.  Bail was set at $50,000 and this bail was posted on February 28, 2020.
As in every criminal case, the fact that an arrest has occurred or a complaint has been filed is merely an accusation, and the defendant Ethan Westley Williams, is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.