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Drug Trafficking - Rodriguez-Ventura

Drug Trafficking​


picture of Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura    picture of Kalif Pope
Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura                                              Kalif Pope 
Counterfeit Prescription Pills (Fentanyl)
Synthetic Marijuana (K2)                                                                            
MDMA (Ecstasy)
Marijuana (bulk)
Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura (34 years of age)
1013 Chestnut Street Reading, PA
Kalif Pope (29 years of age)
221 Pearl Street Reading, PA
Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura
    1. Possession With Intent to Deliver Fentanyl / Methamphetamine / Synthetic Marijuana / MDMA / Marijuana   
    2. Possession of Fentanyl / Methamphetamine / Synthetic Marijuana / MDMA / Marijuana  
    3. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    4. Conspiracy
Kalif Pope
      1.    Delivery of Cocaine and Fentanyl
      2.    Possession With Intent to Deliver Cocaine and Fentanyl
      3.    Possession of Cocaine and Fentanyl
      4.    Persons not to Possess Firearms (Former Felon)
      5.    Conspiracy
In late January of 2022, the Berks County Detectives initiated a drug investigation involving the defendant, Kalif Pope.  Detectives received information that Pope was dealing street level quantities of counterfeit prescription pills, suspected to be fentanyl, and cocaine from in and around his residence in the 200 block Pearl Street, Reading.  During the investigation, Detectives utilized numerous investigative techniques in an attempt to identify the source of supply of the counterfeit prescription pills (fentanyl) which Pope was trafficking.  Subsequently, Detectives identified Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura as Pope’s source of the supply for the fictious pills (fentanyl) and identified a residence in the 1000 block Chestnut Street, Reading, as Rodriguez-Ventura’s residence, and “stash” location.
In late April of 2022, Detectives were able to develop probable cause for search warrants at two (2) locations within Reading; as being Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura’s residence at 1031 Chestnut Street and Kalif Pope’s residence at 221 Pearl Street.  
On Wednesday April 27, 2002, a Berks County Common Pleas Judge authorized those search warrants.
On Friday, April 29, 2022, Detectives and Officers from the Berks County Drug Task Force teamed up with members of the City of Reading Police Department and served those approved search warrants. Detectives and Officers located Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura inside 1013 Chestnut Street, Reading, and located Kalif Pope inside 221 Pearl Street, Reading.
As a result of the search warrant, detectives found and seized the following items from 1013 Chestnut Street:
1.  Approximately one thousand (1000) counterfeit 30mg OxyContin pills which are suspected to contain fentanyl (approximately street value $30,000.00)
2.  Approximately six (6) pounds of methamphetamine (potential street value $60,000.00)
3.  Approximately two (2) pounds of synthetic marijuana (K2) (potential street value $10,000.00)
4.  Seventeen (17) MDMA pills (Ecstasy) (approximate street value $340.00)
5.  Five (5) pounds of marijuana (potential street value $25,000.00)
6.  Approximately $9,200.00 in cash believed to be the proceeds from illegal drug sales
7.  Illegal drug related paraphernalia
As a result of the search warrant, detectives found and seized the following items from 221 Pearl Street:
1.  Loaded Glock .22 caliber firearm
2.  Approximately seventeen (17) counterfeit pills suspected to contain fentanyl (potential street value $510.00)
3.  Three (3) packets of “crack” cocaine
4.  Illegal drug related paraphernalia
 photo of a bunch of drugs packaged in clear plastic bagspicture of numerous drugs packaged in clear plastic bags
photo of money piles on a table
The defendants, Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura and Kalif Pope were charged as listed above and transported to the Berks County Sheriff’s Department Central Processing Center where they were arraigned. Bail for both defendants was set at $100,000.  Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura posted his bail on May 2, 2022, and Kalif Pope is currently in Berks County Jail awaiting further court action.
As in every criminal case, the fact that an arrest occurred or a complaint has been filed is merely an accusation, and the defendants Rafael Rodriguez-Ventura and Kalif Pope, are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.
“This investigation underlines the dangers and risks of utilizing pills from an unverified source. As in the United States Department of Justice campaign under Drug Enforcement Administration is a reminder that “One Pill Can Kill” (to learn more see link as follows: https://www.dea.gov/onepill )”