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Econo Lodge Shooting - Charges Filed



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                                                      Jesus Figueroa-Quinones                                Joe Reyes-Navedo


#1 – Joe Alexis Reyes-Navedo (42 YOA)         #2 - Jesus Figueroa-Quinones (25 YOA)
        Ephrata, Pennsylvania                                      Reading, Pennsylvania
#1 – Aggravated Assault (2 Counts)                 #2 – Aggravated Assault (2 Counts)     
        Persons Not to Possess Firearms                     Possessing Instruments of Crime
        Receiving Stolen Property                                 Simple Assault (3 Counts)
        Possessing Instrument of Crime
        Simple Assault (3 Counts)  
On Thursday, December 3, 2020, at 2:10 a.m., the Berks County Department of Emergency Services (DES) received an incoming 911 call relative to a “Shooting” inside the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites, located at 2017 Bernville Road, in Bern Township.
At approximately 2:12 a.m., the 911 dispatcher notified the Bern Township Police Department. In addition to the Bern Township Police Officers, numerous other Police Officers from neighboring townships along with Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene.
Upon arrival, the responding Police Officers located a shooting victim, described as a twenty-five-year-old Hispanic female, inside Room #210. The victim, hereinafter referred to as Victim #1, had what appeared to be a life threatening, single gunshot wound to the right side of her head. The EMS personnel from Western Berks Ambulance provided medical care and treatment and immediately removed Victim #1 from the scene and transported her to the Trauma Unit at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center. (Tower Health)
The Berks County Detective’s Office was notified, and an investigative team was deployed and responded to the Econo Lodge and hospital.
The Berks County Detectives partnered with the Bern Township Police Department in conducting this joint investigation.
Detectives obtained a search warrant, which was issued by Magisterial District Judge Brian Strand.   The search warrant was for the crime scene, which encompassed Room #210, the immediate hallway and common areas. 
This joint investigation was both exhaustive and labor intensive and the ensuing criminal investigation yielded the following:
Defendant #1, identified as Joe Alexis Reyes-Navedo, along with Victim #1, were present inside Room #210, when there was a knock on the front door. Victim #1 opened the hotel room door and encountered two unknown Hispanic males who rushed into the hotel room. At least one of the Hispanic males was armed with a firearm and started shooting. Both Hispanic males fled the scene prior to Police arrival.
The Hispanic male with the firearm was eventually positively identified as Defendant #2, Jesus Figueroa-Quinones. The firearm was a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, which has not been recovered. Based on the crime scene investigation and collection of evidence, the Detectives determined that he fired at least five rounds, upon entering Room #210.
The crime scene detectives from the Forensic Services Unit located and collected five discharged 9mm shell casings in the area just inside the front door of Room #210.
Detectives interviewed Defendant #1, Joe Reyes-Navedo, who stated he was lying on the bed furthest from the front door and dove onto the floor behind the bed to avoid being shot.
Among the items of evidence recovered, was a loaded Glock .40 cal. semi-automatic handgun, discovered inside a trash can on the 2nd floor.  There were also three .40 cal. discharged shell casings recovered inside Room #210. These casings were located towards the rear of the room and it was determined that at least three projectiles traveled from the rear of the room, through the bathroom wall and fragments were recovered by the front door.
The criminal investigation determined that Defendant #1, Joe Reyes-Navedo, was in possession of the Glock .40 cal. semi-automatic handgun, and discharged this firearm in the direction of the armed Defendant #2, who was standing by the front door of the hotel room.
The Berks County Detectives confirmed that the Glock .40 cal. semi-automatic handgun was stolen during a residential Burglary in Birdsboro, on November 9, 2020.
On Friday, January 29, 2020, the Berks County Detectives filed criminal charges against the defendants at Magisterial District Judge Brian Strand’s office and arrest warrants were issued.
Both defendants are currently incarcerated in Berks County Jail on unrelated matters.
Jose Alexis Reyes-Navedo's bail was set at $50,000 and Jesus Figueroa-Quinones' bail was set at $200,000.
As in every criminal case, the fact that an arrest occurred or a complaint has been filed is merely an accusation, and the defendants Joe Alexis Reyes-Navedo and Jesus Figueroa-Quinones, are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.