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Gomez - death of infant


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Giovanni Gomez




DEFENDANT:    Giovanni Gomez (28 Years Old)
                           1100 Block of Fox Run
                           Reading, Pennsylvania 19606
CHARGES:        Murder of the First Degree
                           Murder of the Third Degree
                           Aggravated Assault (2 Counts)
                           Endangering Welfare of Children
On March 28, 2020, at approximately 4:00 P.M., the Berks County Department of Emergency Services (DES) contacted the Berks County Detective’s Office, regarding the near-death fatality of an (11) eleven-week-old female, hereinafter referred to as “infant.”
The on-call Berks County Detective contacted DES and learned earlier that same date, at approximately 10:01 A.M., the infant’s mother called 911 requesting an ambulance for her (11) eleven-week-old daughter. The mother reported that her daughter was breathing, however she was pale, her lips were blue, and she was cold to the touch.
The DES call taker dispatched Emergency Medical Services to the 911 caller’s residence, which was located in the 1100 block of Fox Run, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania 19606.
The Emergency Medical Services personnel responded to this residence and immediately transported the infant to the Trauma Unit at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center, aka Tower Health.
Detectives contacted the Office of Berks County Children and Youth Services (BCCYS) and the case worker provided additional and updated information regarding the infant’s condition. Detectives learned that the medical staff at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center performed a Computerized Axial Tomography scan, commonly referred to as a “CAT” scan on the infant, which identified a subdural hematoma to the brain.
The infant was transferred to St. Christopher’s Hospital in Philadelphia via ambulance.
Upon learning this information, members of the Berks County Detective’s Office proceeded to St. Christopher’s Hospital and upon arrival, met with the BCCYS case worker as well as a social worker for the hospital. Detectives and the case worker were escorted to the Intensive Care Unit, where they met with the infant’s father, who identified himself as Jiovanni Marzan. It was later determined that his real name is Giovanni Gomez, hereinafter referred to as the defendant.
Detectives also met with the infant’s mother.
The defendant as well as the infant’s mother, both confirmed that they are the sole caretakers for their (11) eleven-week-old daughter. Detectives learned that on March 27, 2020, at approximately 2:16 P.M., the infant’s mother departed for work, leaving the infant in the sole care and custody of the defendant.
The defendant stated that while the infant was in his care, he fed the infant multiple times and gave her a bath at approximately 8:00 P.M. He put the infant down for the night at approximately 10:40 P.M. He also stated that other than the infant spitting up (1) one time, there were no medical concerns while the infant was in his care.
At approximately 11:45 P.M., the infant’s mother returned home from work and found her daughter whining in her sleep. The mother stated that was not normal. The infant continued to whine and coughed a few times. The mother believed that her daughter may have a cold.
On March 28, 2020, at approximately 9:30 A.M., the infant was still sleeping, but whining and sounded congested, according to the infant’s mother. The mother departed the residence to obtain some medical items for the infant. Upon her return to the residence, both she and the defendant proceeded up to the infant’s bedroom and noticed that the infant was having trouble breathing. The mother called 911.
On March 31, 2020, Detectives spoke with a doctor who is a member of the Child Protection Team at St. Christopher’s Hospital in Philadelphia. The doctor advised that an MRI/MRA was performed on the infant’s brain which identified a serious brain injury. Additionally, the child’s spine showed damage to the C1-C3 and the ligaments with minimal blood flow to the brain.
The doctor also observed hemorrhages in both eyes and concluded these injuries were the result of inflicted traumatic head injury.
On April 1, 2020, at approximately 10:21 P.M., the infant passed away at the hospital.
On April 2, 2020, at approximately 5:00 P.M., Forensic Pathologist Dr. Supriya Kuruvilla conducted an autopsy on the (11) eleven-week-old infant. Based on her examination, Dr. Kuruvilla authored a final autopsy report ruling the cause of death was due to “Acute Craniocerebral and Cervical Spinal Cord Injury due to Shaken Impact and Blunt Force Trauma.”
The Berks County Coroner’s Office ruled the manner of death as Homicide.
On June 23, 2020, the Berks County Detectives filed criminal charges against the defendant at Magisterial District Judge Sandra Fegley’s Office and an arrest warrant was issued.
The defendant has been incarcerated in Berks County Jail since April 4, 2020 on unrelated criminal charges.
He will remain incarcerated at Berks County Jail without bail. There is no bail for Murder of the First Degree.
As in every criminal case, the fact that an arrest has occurred or a complaint has been filed is merely an accusation, and the defendant Giovanni Gomez, is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.