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Homicide Inv. Death Glenn Anders



Dustin M. Appling
 DEFENDANT:   Dustin Michael Appling (26 Years Old)
                           1017 Elm Street, Reading, Pennsylvania 19601
                           **Currently incarcerated in Berks County Jail**
CHARGES:       Murder of the First Degree
                          Murder of the Second Degree
                          Murder of the Third Degree
                          Aggravated Assault and Robbery
On August 8, 2019, the members of the Berks County Sixth Investigating Grand Jury, Fourth Indicting Grand Jury, issued Presentment #1, recommending the following criminal charges against the defendant, Dustin Michael Appling:
Title18 2502(a) – Murder of the First Degree
Title18 2502(b) – Murder of the Second Degree
Title18 2502(c) – Murder of the Third Degree
Title 2702(a)(1) – Aggravated Assault
Title 3701(a)(1)(i) – Robbery
On August 13, 2019, Presentment #1 was accepted by the Honorable Judge Eleni Geishauser, Berks County Court of Common Pleas and Supervising Judge of the Sixth Investigating Grand Jury.
The Commonwealth was authorized to prosecute the criminal charges as recommended in Presentment #1.
On August 15, 2019, based on the facts, evidence and the information obtained through the Grand Jury testimony, the Berks County Detectives Office and Reading Police Department, obtained an arrest warrant for the defendant. This arrest is the result of the cooperative effort and joint investigation involving the Berks County Detectives Office and the Reading Police Department.
The criminal charges were filed at Magisterial District Judge Stuart Kennedy’s Office.
M.D.J. Kennedy issued an arrest warrant for the defendant.
The defendant has been transported to the Berks County Sheriff’s Central Processing Center to be fingerprinted and photographed. He was arraigned and bail was set at $100,000.
As in every criminal case, the fact that an arrest has occurred or a complaint has been filed is merely an accusation, and the defendant Dustin Michael Appling, is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.
Summary of Findings and Facts:
In the early morning hours of April 9, 2018, members of the Reading Police Department responded to the 300 block of Heckman’s Court, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, relative to a male who was not moving or breathing.
Shortly afterwards, Reading Police Officers arriving at the scene located the male lying on the rear steps of a vacant house. The male was deceased.
The primary officer observed and documented that this male was possibly the victim of an assault, having a bruised, black and blue face, and the decedent’s leg was bent in an unnatural position.
The decedent was identified as (58) fifty-eight-year-old Glen Russel Anders.
On April 13, 2018, Forensic Pathologist Dr. Supriya Kuruvilla performed a forensic autopsy on the victim Glen Anders. Based on her examination and the results of the autopsy, Dr. Kuruvilla concluded that the cause of death was “Blunt Force Head Trauma.”
The manner of death has been ruled Homicide.
Dr. Kuruvilla also determined Glen Anders sustained the injuries approximately (24) twenty-four hours to less than (72) seventy hours prior to his death.
Through the course of the investigation, the Reading Police Department along with the Berks County Detectives Office, were able to locate and identify potential witnesses and other individuals who possessed information related to the death of Glen Anders.
The Berks County District Attorney John Adams, along with Berks County First Assistant District Attorney Dennis Skayhan, decided to utilize the Sixth Investigating Grand Jury, in an effort to solve this senseless murder of the homeless victim.
The Homicide Investigation was presented to the members of the Grand Jury.
One witness testified that the defendant, Dustin Appling, admitted “I killed the homeless man”.
Another witness testified that Dustin Appling sold the victim K2 and after the transaction, Dustin Appling wanted to take back the K2 without refunding the victim his money. Dustin Appling then repeatedly punched and kicked the victim, while screaming “die (explicative), die.”