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officer involved shooting - Shank


Stephen D. Shank


DEFENDANT:    Stephen Douglas Shank (53 Years Old)
                           22 Lloyd Lane – Apt. #2
                           Birdsboro, Pennsylvania 19508
CHARGES:        Criminal Attempt to commit Murder of Law Enforcement Officer   
                           Assault of Law Enforcement Officer
                           Aggravated Assault
                           Simple Assault
                           Terroristic Threats
                           Recklessly Endangering Another Person
On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, at approximately 8:40 p.m., the Berks County Department of Emergency Services (D.E.S.) received a call from a complainant who reported a disturbance with the neighbor.
At approximately 8:42 p.m., a member of the Robeson Township Police Department was dispatched and responded to 22 Lloyd Lane, Birdsboro, Berks County, Pennsylvania, to investigate the complaint which involved loud noises and threats which were directed towards the complainant.
At approximately 8:47 p.m., the responding police officer arrived at the scene. The police officer was attired in a clearly identifiable full uniform, displaying a badge of authority and operating a marked police vehicle, which was equipped with overhead emergency lights and siren.
The Robeson Township police officer met with the complainant inside the complainant’s apartment. As the officer was interviewing the complainant and obtaining information, the officer heard a loud gunshot just outside the apartment. The officer immediately exited the apartment to investigate the gunshot.
The officer scanned the immediate area. As he rounded the corner of the building, the officer heard a male yell that he was going to kill him if he comes outside. The officer encountered the defendant, identified as Stephen Douglas Shank, who was holding a rifle which was pointed directly at the police officer. The officer engaged the defendant and discharged his departmental issued firearm, striking the defendant at least (1) one time in the chest.
The officer then retreated seeking cover and lost sight of the defendant as he continued to yell verbal commands at the defendant. The defendant yelled that he had been shot and retreated into his 2nd floor apartment.
The officer utilized his police radio to report “Shots Fired” and numerous on-duty and off-duty Police Officers responded to the scene to assist.
The Berks County Emergency Response Team was requested and numerous members of B.C.E.R.T. responded to the scene.
The defendant, Stephen Douglas Shank, was eventually taken into custody inside the bedroom of his 2nd floor apartment.
The defendant was immediately treated at the scene for a single gunshot wound to the chest and transported to an area hospital for medical treatment.
The defendant is in the custody of the Berks County Detectives Office and being assisted by the Berks County Sheriff’s Department.
The Berks County Detectives Office will be filing criminal charges today against the defendant and Magisterial District Judge David E. Glass’ Office.
When the defendant is medically cleared and discharged from the area hospital, he will be immediately transported to the Berks County Sheriff’s Central Processing Center where he will be fingerprinted and photographed. Bail was set at $500,000 and he currently remains in Berks County Jail awaiting further court action.
This investigation remains very active and on-going. As additional information and details become available, the Berks County District Attorney will provide updates related to the investigation.
At this time the investigation revealed that the defendant, Stephen Douglas Shank, acted alone and there are no suspects at large. There is no further threat or safety concern to the community.
As in every criminal case, the fact that an arrest has occurred or a complaint has been filed is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.