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COVID-19 Not Reporting Where Positive Locations are Located

‚Äč"Why doesn't Berks County report where the positive #COVID19 cases are located? ... We are being asked this question all the time. Here is the answer from our Director of Emergency Services.

"The counties stating the municipality on a mapping tool have a county health department. 61 counties (including Berks) rely on PA DoH. https://www.health.pa.gov/About/Pages/County-Municipal%20Health%20Depts.aspx

The information about the tested individual is held by, the individual, the healthcare provider, and the public health authority. Berks County does not have the information to publicize it. That aside, knowing what municipality a positive test is in does nothing except potentially create a false sense of "security" in other municipalities as the number of known positives is much smaller than the number of people in the community who actually are positive. This is why #socialdistancing and proper hygiene is critical. We need to be treating EVERYONE like they are positive. That is how the spread of the disease will slow."

Effective April 20, 2020, the Commonwealth of PA Department of Health began publishing the data they possess to a mapping tool at:  https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/bc92e33cfd5d417795f7a7a1a5cb3b1d/
This tool illustrates the number of cases by ZIP CODE.

Brian A. Gottschall  MPA, CEM