Welcome to the County of Berks

​Facilities & Training Props


Administration Building

Offers a state-of-the-art educational facility that allows students to learn and educators to utilize the latest technology to convey knowledge.  The building offers four individual classrooms each with a laptop, video projector, DVD/VCR, document camera and sound system.  With the modular format design, four individual classrooms can be combined into one large classroom which allows for seating of 100 students with tables or over 150 students with chairs only.  The facility also offers a large lunch room/multipurpose room with small kitchen area.

The administration building also houses the offices and equipment of the Berks County Special Operations Group, the Berks County Fireman's Association and the Training Division of the City of Reading Department of Fire & Rescue Services.


Burn Building

The burn building consists of two structures located on a hillside that causes a number of stories from the rear to be one greater that specified below.  This walk out basement design improves student safety and eases maintenance.

The eastern structure is a three (3) story row home while the western structure is a four (4) story commercial/industrial structure.  The buildings are situated on a realistic streetscape that allows the user to create a lighting scheme that is realistic or one that provides considerable additional lighting to alleviate the students from needing to address that concern.

The row home is detailed to match as closely as possible a real single family end of row structure.  There are two (2) burn rooms in the basement, three (3) on the first floor, three (3) on the second floor, and two (2) on the third floor.  The roof has a 4 x 4 "cut-out" to allow crews to vertically ventilate the attic.

The commercial/industrial building has a differing floor layout on each of the five (5) levels (including the basement).  The floors are designed to closely simulate real-life attack problems encountered in similarly sized buildings.  A fully operating Type III standpipe system allows the user to perform mid-rise firefighting evolutions.  A modified sprinkler system had been created on the second floor to allow the user to conduct operations with a sprinkler contained fire.  The roof of the structure includes a large combustible roof simulator.

The windows and doors of both structures consist of steel plate components for durability.  While realism in their construction is sacrificed for durability, they are equipped with latching devices that are capable of providing fairly realistic entry challenges.


Confined Space Tank

This evolution area consists of a 10,000 gallon tank with catwalk for access to vertical and horizontal openings.  Also, a chlorine rail car dome has been affixed to the top of the tank.  This area is designed to allow students to enter a confined space by a horizontal or vertical opening.  Also, the chlorine dome allows students to simulate the containment of a chlorine leak from the dome of a rail car.




Drafting Pit

The drafting pit is a poured-in-place concrete pit which can be used to simulate drafting operations.





Drill Tower

The five-story drill tower is equipped with a fire escape, standpipe and sprinkler system, fire alarm panel, and balconies.  The north side of the building faces onto simulated electrical lines to practice raising ladders, or operating apparatus near electrical equipment.










Fire Extinguisher Training Area

This evolution area consists of a rectangular containment pit with various sizes and shapes of small pans and a flammable liquids cabinet.  It is primarily used for evolutions involving portable fire extinguishers.






Flammable and Corrosive Liquid Tankers

The gasoline tanker evolution area consists of a type MC 406, five compartment gasoline tanker rolled on its side.  This area is designed to be used for diking or diverting spills or as a realistic target for foam application.

The acid tanker evolution area consists of a type MC 312 acid tanker.  This area is also used for diking or diverting spills or as a realistic target for foam application.




Flammable Liquid Training

This evolution area consists of two "pits", one being an 18' diameter round pit, and the second being a 20' X 40' rectangle with a 20' X 20' leg to form an "L" shaped pit.  In these areas, the pits are filled with flammable liquids, such as diesel fuel, and ignited to simulate a large flammable liquid fire.





Propane Training

This evolution consists of three appliances; a leaking flange exposing a storage tank, a navy style "tree", and a gas grill cylinder suitable for extinguisher use.  All of the propane appliances are designed to present the student with a leaking flammable gas conveyance system.










Rail Car

This evolution consists of a rail tank car piped with propane lines to simulate a ground fire and also piped to simulate a relief valve operating.  This area can be used to simulate the cooling of a vessel being impinged upon by fire and as a realistic target for foam application.










Roof Simulator

The roof simulator allows firefighters to practice roof cuts on two roofs of differing pitches and one flat roof.  The simulator uses replaceable wooden rafter sections with a plywood overlay placed in a steel structure.












Smoke Maze

Previously used for live-fire evolutions, the old burn building has been repurposed and enhanced to serve as a smoke maze.