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Limerick Generating Station Emergency Preparedness


The Limerick Generating Station, located in Montgomery County, PA is a nuclear power plant which produces enough power to serve more than two million homes in PA, NJ and MD.  Limerick began producing electricity on February 1, 1986 after more than ten years of construction of the plant.


Limerick Generating Station was built by the Bechtel Power Corporation beginning in June 1974 and uses the Boiling Water Reactor technology to produce electricity.

Although the facility is located in Montgomery County, several municipalities in Berks County are located within a 10 mile radius of the plant.  This area, known as the Emergency Planning Zone encompasses seven municipalities which are all, or partially (*) inside of this zone.

Risk Municipality ​Risk Population
​Amity Township* ​10,815
​Boyertown Borough ​4,055
​Colebrookdale Township ​4,815
​Douglass Township ​3,306
​Earl Township * ​717
​Union Township ​1,215
​Washington Township* ​718
Total Population ​25,641

As part of the Alert & Notification System maintained by Exelon, a number of high output sirens have been installed throughout the Emergency Planning Zone.  These sirens serve as an "attention getter" and ARE NOT a signal to evacuate.  If you hear a siren, immediately turn your radio to one of the following Emergency Alert Stations.

WRAW 1340 AM
WRFY 102.5 FM
WBYN 107.5 FM
WXAC 91.3 FM


KEEP PHONE LINES OPEN - Do not make unnecessary phone calls.  Leaving phone lines open for emergency workers will help everyone involved.  If you require assistance, call the emergency phone numbers broadcast on the radio.

IF INSTRUCTED TO SHELTER-IN-PLACE - Go indoors and stay there.  Close all doors and windows and shut off any systems that draw outside air, such as furnaces, fireplaces and air conditioners.  Keep listening to the radio for updates.  Keep pets inside and shelter farm animals.

IF INSTRUCTED TO EVACUATE - During an evacuation, people in the affected area will be asked to go to local reception centers.  After this they can stay at specified mass care centers or with friends and relatives outside the evacuation area.

​Municipality / Area ​Reception Center
​Amity Township / Amity Gardens ​Exeter Township Municipal Building
​Amity Township / East ​Oley Valley High School
​Boyertown Borough ​Oley Valley High School
​Colebrookdale Township / West of Route 100 ​Oley Valley High School
​Colebrookdale Township / East of Route 100 ​Emmaus High School
​Douglass Township / South ​Oley Valley High School
​Douglass Township / North ​Oley Valley High School
​Earl Township ​Oley Valley High School
​Union Township ​Robeson Township Municipal Building
​Washington Township ​Emmaus High School


For additional information on the Limerick Generating Station Emergency Preparedness actions, download the public information brochure found below, or consult the information found in your phone book.

Limerick Emergency Planning Brochure