Welcome to the County of Berks
Radio System Upgrades
Berks County DES will be upgrading the radio system infrastructure over the next couple weeks.  This involves hundreds of man-hours of work that will be invisible to the end users and telecommunicators.  However, as cautioned, there will be a few events that will be impactful and about which you should be aware…
As always, we will make appropriate notification a the actual time of impact for users live on the system.  Below is detailed the dates and times of the expected impacts and a brief description of what will be affected and for how long.  It is important that communications to the Center, both by telephone and radio be limited to only critical traffic during these periods.
All times are approximate based on progression of work and incident activity in proximity to the events.
Wed 11/6
New zone controller build and then 3 zone controller rolls
1000 – Site Trunking Event for 10 min.  Consoles will “chirp” during this time
1305 – As above except 5 min. max – should be momentary if all goes well
1410 – As above except 5 min. max. – should be momentary if all goes well
1500 – As above except 5 min. max. – should be momentary if all goes well
REMINDER ABOUT WHAT SITE TRUNKING IS – During a site trunking event, a unit on North site cannot talk to a unit on the South site, even if they are on the same talk group.  For example, two units are on Fire B, but one unit is affiliated north and the other is affiliated south.  These units cannot interact and the TC in the comm center must communicate with each of them independently (using back up portable radios).  It would be almost like we have 2 separate TGs called Fire B North and Fire B South.
Thurs 11/7
0930 – 1230  - CEN Upgrade / No CAD paging interface; need to manual stack pages using primary simulcast
          No WAVE
1100 – Site trunking event SOUTH SITE - momentary
1500 – Site trunking event NORTH SITE - momentary
End of Day – Subscriber Database is unlocked and new changes can be processed for subscribers
Tuesday 11/12
Simulcast Paging Outage
1330 – start backup paging and stay on back up until primary cluster rebuilt (approx. 1 hr.) – no simulcast countywide alerting – only single site alerting
City Fire Paging Outage
1330 – City Fire paging CCGW rebuilt.  City Fire will need to monitor 700 system for dispatching – No VHF activations (approx. ½ hr.)
Post Upgrade Operations Activities
In the 2-3 weeks following the upgrade, and during the normal workday, there will be data switch upgrades at every remote radio site. During each of these upgrades, the conventional resources (including simulcast paging) at that specific site being worked on will be out of service for the time it takes to physically swap the switches and reconnect cables (they will be configured before physical install).  This will be a 10-20 minute window.  During this time, we will continue to use simulcast paging as per normal.  However, in the event that there is a dispatch for an agency whose primary donor site is the site being worked on, we will repeat this dispatch using the back-up paging system to mitigate any loss of coverage in the simulcast system caused by the specific site being worked on.  To the field user (in coverage of a simulcast site and the backup site) this will appear to be a duplicate dispatch.