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When Will I Receive Recorded Docs
When will I receive my recorded documents?
Our office records all documents received by 4:00 pm the same day as they are received. We typically hold those documents until the second day after they were recorded and then return them to the submitter or to the address the submitter supplied to us. For example a Deed that was received in our office on Monday prior to 4:00 pm would be returned to the submitter or mailed to the new property owner on Wednesday.
Where will my document be sent or mailed to?
This is determined by the submitter of the document. We require submitters to supply our office with a postage paid, addressed envelope with each document. Some submitters such as Title Insurance Companies or Attorneys address those to themselves and then they will forward the documents on to the property owner or other party in the case of mortgages and some miscellaneous documents. Other submitters address the envelopes directly to the new purchaser of a property.
A few local submitters physically pick up the documents they submitted for recording.
What should I do if I do not receive my deed or other documents?
First check with the Title Company or Attorney that conducted your closing, they may have received it and did not yet send it to you. If they cannot help you then it may be possible that the document was lost in the mail or an improper address was supplied to us.
If you cannot track down the location of your document you may obtain a copy of it from us. A certified copy is just as good as an original document. You may obtain a copy in our office in person, or send us a request with the appropriate fee for copying and/or certification along with a self addressed stamped envelope. You may also obtain a document copy from the on-line search on our web-site.
What happens when I payoff my mortgage? You will not receive a new deed.
After you have paid off your mortgage your lender must file a satisfaction of mortgage document in our office within 60 days of them receiving your final payment. Lenders do not hold deeds in PA, you will not receive a new deed after paying off your mortgage. Your lender should send you the recorded "Satisfaction Piece" as your proof that they have removed the lien from our records. Often lenders forget to record the Satisfaction or they record it and never send you a copy. You can do a search under your name to see if the satisfaction has been recorded. If it has not then contact your lender immediately and check back with us to make sure they follow thorough and record the Satisfaction.
If you have further questions about the return of recorded documents please give our office a call at 610-478-3380.