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Benefits to Landowners Joining an ASA
  1. The local governments refrain from enacting ordinances and regulations which restrict farming operations and farm structures within an Agricultural Security Area.

  2. When defining a public nuisance, the local government will provide exceptions for normal agricultural activities occurring within an Agricultural Security Area, unless the law protects public health and safety.

  3. State agencies or programs, which could negatively affect farmers, shall act in a manner that will encourage the continuation of viable agriculture in the areas.

  4. Limitations are placed on the use of land condemnation procedures—eminent domain—by State and local agencies unless approval is obtained from the Agricultural Land Condemnation Approval Board (ALCAB).

  5. The landowner has the opportunity to apply to the Agricultural Conservation Easement (ACE) Program once enrolled into an Agricultural Security Area*. The ACE Program can provide financial benefits to those landowners that sell an agricultural conservation easement to Berks County. (* The ACE Program has other criteria that must be met in addition to the ASA enrollment prior to applying.)