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Election Day Pollworkers

The Berks County Board of Elections is looking for civic-minded workers to serve on Election Day. These Election Officers must be comfortable with the Voting Machine and the ever changing election environment. There is a high performance expectation on Election Day and well-trained Election Officers are instrumental in our ability to realize that goal. We are seeking individuals who possess the skills and background most needed to fill those vacancies. If there are no vacancies in your immediate area we will retain your information for future elections.

Our political process depends on the commitment of citizens to participate. It is your turn to demonstrate your civic participation - and get paid at the same time. Berks County Election Officers will earn $180.00 for the day.

NOTE: The information below is general and is intended to provide a brief overview.

Election Official Application

General Job Duties of Election Officers

Judge of Election

The Judge of Election is the Election Board team leader responsible for the operation of the voting location and for enforcing Election Day rules and regulations. The Judge of Election is also responsible for confirming their Board, the pick up and return of all election supplies and results.

Inspectors and Clerks of Election

The Inspectors and Clerks of Election assist the Judge of Election and share responsibility for the operation of the polling site. They process voters, accompany voters to a voting machine, provide assistance to voters with special needs, if needed, and verify ballot information on the voting machine screen. Following the close of the polls, all Election Officers assist the Judge of Election in tallying and verifying the final results and closing the polling site.

Election Officers:

  • May not hold, or within two months, have held any public office, appointment or employment in or under the Government of the United States, Pennsylvania, Berks County or any city.
  • May not be a candidate who is running for a public office on the ballot in that district, except for Judge or Inspector of Election.
  • Must perform the duties of the office in a non-partisan fashion.


Training is mandatory for new Election Officers and a refresher course for returning pollworkers is offered before each election. Election Officers should expect to spend at least two hours in an in-depth and hands-on training session. Election Officers receive additional compensation for attending a training class.

For additional information, see the Department of State training modules below. 

Poll Worker Training Modules

Check In Voters

Voter Identification

Provisional Voting

Voters with Disabilities

Work Day

All positions serve approximately 15 hours at the voting location on Election Day (from 6:00 am until the Judge of Election releases the Election Officers' team).


For questions or to apply for a poll worker position in Berks County, email the Election Services team at pollworkers@countyofberks.com.