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GIS Data Information
Berks County GIS Data is maintained by staff in Assessment, Emergency Sevices, IS/GIS, and Planning while some of thge data is derived from information from many other agencies.  The County has chosen to distrbute public GIS data sets via the Berks County Data Hub.
The County of Berks realizes that the use of an Open Data Hub is beneficial for daily County business and that it can be a central repository of information that can be used to promote transparent government and provide easy access to data and information that is beneficial to the prosperity of the County as a whole.  The use of an Open Data Hub is the foundation of an open government and is consistent with constituents’ right to public information. Please visit the Berks County Data Hub for all your GIS data needs.
Public GIS data sets are provided with ublic GIS data sets are provided with these spatilal reference parameters:
Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
Coordinate system: State Plane, Zone 3702
Horizontal Datum: North American Datum 1983
Vertical Datum: NAVD 1988
Units: Feet
All County of Berks GIS data and its use is guided by these adopted County policies and terms of use:
GIS - Sharing Data Agreement & Terms - for vaious defined organizational use
Updated: 5-12-2022