Welcome to the County of Berks
Prison Board

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 9:00 AM
Location: Services Center, 13th Floor, Commissioners Board Room
Exception: Quarterly meetings (Mar-Jun-Sep-Dec) at the Jail

What is the Prison Board?

The Prison Board is responsible for the safe-keeping, discipline, and employment of prisoners, and the government and management of the institution.

Why is there a Prison Board?

The Prison Board is in effect, in compliance with Pennsylvania Title 61 Pa. C.S.A. Below is an excerpt of this regulation:

1731. Establishment

(a) General rule. —

(1) In counties of the third, fourth and fifth class, the persons now holding the following offices and their successors in each county of the third, fourth or fifth class shall compose a board to be known as the board of inspectors of the jail or county prison.

(2) The following persons shall be members of the board:

(i) The president judge of the court of common pleas or a judge designated by him.

(ii) The district attorney.

(iii) The sheriff.

(iv) The controller.

(v) The county commissioners.

Who are the Prison Board members?

Judge Scott Lash

District Attorney John Adams

Sheriff Eric Weaknecth

Controller Sandy Graffius, Prison Board Secretary

Commissioner Kevin Barnhardt, Prison Board President

Commissioner Christian Leinbach, Prison Board Vice President

Commissioner Mark Scott First

Assistant County Solicitor Christine Sadler, Prison Board Solicitor