Welcome to the County of Berks
Screening Program

Applicants must successfully complete both a physical agility assessment as well as a written exam.

A portion of the physical strength & agility screening program is conducted outside regardless of weather conditions, therefore we encourage you to wear/bring suitable clothing, including an extra pair of shoes.

To assist you in preparing for this program, listed below is a brief description of each station and the appropriate requirement for completing each station:

  • Unconscious Victim Drag: You will be required to drag a mannequin continuously for a distance of 90 feet.
  • Response to Assist Call: You will be required to run a short distance, key yourself through two gated doors, maneuver around furnishings, and then key yourself through a third gated door.
  • Perimeter Response: You will be required to complete a 1/4 mile track, approach a non-combative individual, and give verbal directions. You must then apply handcuffs to the wrists of the individual.
  • Shuttle Run: You will be required to run a total of (6) - 50 yard legs, while identifying and returning assigned colored items.
  • Stair Climb: You will be required to wear a 20lb vest while you run up and down a flight of stairs 2 1/2 times. You are not permitted to skip any steps or landings, and one foot must touch each step and landing on every pass. You are permitted to hold the handrail for balance.
  • Unconscious Victim Support: You will be required to demonstrate that you have the physical ability to elevate a handing 125 lb. mannequin continuously for 1 minute.

Updated 7/2020