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Tax Map Fee Schedule
​Paper Maps
Photocopy of a portion of a standard tax map (11" x 17")​
​Photocopy of a portion of an orthophoto map (11" x 17")
Photocopy of an entire tax map in reduced format (11" x 17")​
Photocopy of miscellaneous map (11" x 17")​
Blue print standard tax map (30" x 42")​
Blue print standard orthophoto map (30" x 42")​
Blue Print of composite map (standard map overlaid upon orthophoto) (30' x 42")​
Digital Map
CD-ROM containing all 1409 reduced format (11" x 17") maps in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, and GIS files in ESRI shape format of the tax parcel layer for all 74 municipalities in Berks County, and the parcel layer in Autocad dxf format, for importing into CAD drawings, all for

Please note that effective January, 2010, CD-ROM purchasers are required to agree to, sign, and return the GIS Data General Agreement and Terms before the receive their purchase.

Fees are for items purchased in our office. They are payable by cash, or by check paid to Berks County. Sorry, we cannot accept credit cards at this time, nor can we set up an account to invoice you for purchases.

No phone orders. We will accept orders by mail, if they are accompanied by the correct fee. Sorry, we cannot fax a map to you.

On blue prints only, there is a 20% volume discount on orders of more than 10 prints. No discounts are applied to photocopies.

All fees collected by the Mapping Office are turned in to the County Treasurer, to be applied to Berks County's general revenue fund. Our fees represent an attempt to fairly balance the cost to the County (and the taxpayers) to provide this service, and the cost to the map users who pay the fees.