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Stop 11: Lock No. 47E

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Union Canal Trail 

Union Canal Bicycle & Walking Trail
Stop 11: Lock No. 47 E.

In 1976, this lift lock, No. 47 E., received restoration efforts including stonework realignment and installation of four new yellow pine mitre gates.

When the canal was in operation (1827-1884) the locktender's home would have been located on the land between the hill and the lock. Some of the men who lived in this locktender's home were Edwin Ball, Jacob Grubb, William Adies, Samuel Werner, and John Moyer. Their job assignments included operation and maintenance of this lock. Locktenders' salaries ranged from a maximum of $10.00 a month to a low of $1.00 a month, which they received in the later days of operation of the Union Canal.

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