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FFY 2021-2024 Transportation Improvement Program
FFY 2021 - 2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Environmental Justice Summary, and Air Quality Conformity Analysis
The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is the regionally agreed on list of priority projects required by federal transportation legislation. It lists all transportation projects in Berks County that intend to use federal funds over the next four years (FFY 2021-2024), along with non-federally funded projects that are regionally significant. The list is multi-modal, meaning that it includes highway, bridge, and public transit projects as well as non-traditional bicycle & pedestrian projects.  ​
The FFY 2021-2024 TIP for Berks County contains 128 projects totaling $274.8 million for the phases to be advanced during the next four years.  It includes 107 projects valued at $212.1 million addressing the highway system and bridges and 21 projects valued at $62.7 million addressing the transit system.
There is also a statewide Interstate Management Program that is separate from the regional TIP.  There are five (5) Interstate Management Program projects located in Berks County with a value of $117.6 million.
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Entire TIP Document (39 MB file size)
General Overview of the TIP
Program Summary
Opportunity for Review and Public Comment

Explanation of Project Descriptions, Maps, Codes and Abbreviations
Highway, Bridge and Enhancement Projects
Highway, Bridge and Enhancement Financial Plan
Interstate Management Program
Interstate Management Projects
Project Maps

SECTION 3: Transit Projects

Explanation of Maps, Project Descriptions, Codes and Abbreviations
Transit Projects
Transit Financial Plan


RATS Membership
TIP Amendments/Modifications
Between the regular two-year updates to the TIP, it may become necessary to make Amendments (project additions or deletions) or Modifications (changes to project schedules or funding) based on updates to available funding levels, updated engineering and/or cost estimates, changing project schedules, or changing priorities. These changes are regulated by the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) found in Appendix A. As these changes are approved, we will post them here. The first document will list project- or phase-specific information. The second document will be an updated spreadsheet reflecting both prior and current changes to the program. 
The Environmental Justice Summary reviews and identifies how the transportation planning process and transportation improvements identified in the TIP and LRTP are distributed within the region. The projects and programs are reviewed against the locations of various demographic groups throughout the county and assesses the potential effects of projects and programs. The steps used in the completion of these analyses are summarized in this report.
The Air Quality Conformity Analysis is an integral part of the Transportation Improvement Program. Using the Planning Commission's Travel Demand Forecasting Model and USEPA's MOVES2014a air quality emissions model, the mix of projects and strategies shown in the TIP have been shown to conform to air quality standards for ground-level ozone and fine particulates set for Berks County.