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Local Government Profiles
These Local Government Profiles are single-page documents listing municipal elected and appointed officials, contact information, and other notes of interest. As we receive information from trusted sources regarding changes, these Profiles will be changed as needed. The Planning Commission surveys all municipalities in January of each year, and wholesale updates of these profiles take place in March-April after surveys are returned.
Municipal officials are invited to contact the Berks County Planning Commission with updates by sending emails to planning@countyofberks.com.
School information: Public, private, Career Centers, colleges may be found in the Education Directory published by the Berks County Intermediate Unit.
Permit and Zoning Information:  Permit authority rests with the individual municipalities. Permits for building, electrical, plumbing, occupancy, zoning, health, etc. are all issued locally, not by the County. 
Pennsylvania State Legislators (House and Senate) may be found here.
U. S. House of Representatives information may be found here.
U. S. Senatorial information for Pennsylvania may be found here.
Local Government Profiles: