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Central Booking Division

The Central Booking Division of the Berks County Sheriff's Office is comprised of a captain, 4 sergeants, 18 deputies and 1 staff member. Central Booking opened in March 2003 and booked over 4,200 offenders within the first year. Over 50 Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies use it. Central Booking operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has the ability to positively identify offenders by their fingerprints within minutes and free-up police officers to get back on patrol quickly without having to be tied up in the time consuming booking and arraignment process.

The goal of the Central Booking is to provide for better public safety by effectively and efficiently making the latest biometric technology in criminal identification available to all Berks County law enforcement agencies. This goal has been accomplished through the leadership and vision of Former Sheriff Barry J. Jozwiak, Sheriff Eric J. Weaknecht and the cooperation of the County Commissioners Criminal Justice Policy Group, Local and State Police, and the District Attorney's Office.

The Booking Process

Central Booking
Contact Information:
Matthew Green, Captain
610.478.6240 Ext. 3249