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Delinquent Tax Payer Assistance



BEGIN MAY 4, 2020

A taxpayer may come into our office to execute an Agreement for their unpaid taxes. The agreement will take all unpaid taxes in our system and require 25% down as the first payment and the remaining payments will be due quarterly over a 12 month period. You must come into our office with the first payment with a certified check, money order or cash. No personal checks will be accepted for the first payment.  

Please read our office policies for assistance on how our Agreement works:  Office Policies.pdfOffice Policies.pdf



BEGIN MAY 4, 2020


 1. Taxpayer must be a permanent resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
 2. That the property in which the tax claim is against, is owner-occupied
 3. Taxpayer must have one (1) of the following extenuating circumstances:
a)         Serious Physical Illness or Injury or a combination if the illness or injury with a state of prolonged unemployment
b)         Unemployment




1.     65 years of age or older

2.    residing in residential real estate

3.    solely owned and occupied by people all age 65 or older

4.    annual household income including ½ of Social Security is $35,000.00 or less

5.    property taxes must be delinquent


 Tax Deferral Packet.pdfTax Deferral Packet.pdf