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PRICE INCREASE:  There has been an increase in the price of the Antlerless Deer (Doe) licenses
Resident Antlerless Licenses are now $6.97 and Non-Resident Licenses are now $26.97.
ANTLERLESS DEER (DOE) APPLICATIONS:  Antlerless Deer (Doe) applications MUST BE SENT VIA US MAIL.  Applications without a US Postmark will be returned.  Use of the drop box is prohibited.
We will not be processing any over the counter
Antlerless Deer applications.  All applications must be mailed. 
HUNTING LICENSE PURCHASE:  PA Game Commission 2022-23 hunting licenses go on sale Monday, June 13.  The Berks County Treasurer’s office is accepting appointments only for disabled veterans needing hunting licenses.  
We thank you for your patience and understanding.

​2022 Antlerless Deer License Regulations and Issuance Schedule:
​Rules and Regulations Title 58-Recreation:

 Antlerless Deer License & Applications:

Hunting licenses for the current license year will be available July 1 and are valid through June 30 of the license year.
    this link will direct you to the state's website
(License costs shown below include a $1.00 issuing fee.)
General Hunting License
Resident Type of License
Resident Junior Hunting12 - 16$6.97
Resident Junior Combo Hunting *12 - 16$9.97
Resident Adult Hunting17 - 64$20.97
Resident Senior Hunting65 - up$13.97
Resident Disabled Vet. HuntingNo Charge
Resident Senior Lifetime Hunting65 - up$51.97
Resident Sr. Lifetime Combo Hunting*65 - up$101.97
Renewal of Senior Lifetime LicenseNo Charge
Nonresident Type of License
Nonresident Junior Hunting12 - 16   $41.97
Nonresident Jr. Combo Hunting*12 - 16$51.97
Nonresident Hunting17 - up$101.97
Nonresident 7-day Small Game Hunting12 - up$31.97
*All combination license types include hunting, furtaker, archery and muzzleloader privileges.
General Furtaker License
Type of License
Resident Junior Furtaker12 - 16      $6.97
Resident Adult Furtaker17 - 64$20.97
Resident Senior Furtaker65 - up$13.97
Resident Disabled Vet. Furtaker (Service Connected)No Charge
Nonresident Junior Furtaker12 - 16$41.97
Nonresident Furtaker17 - up$81.97
Other License
Resident Type of License
Resident Anterless LicenseN/A$6.97
Resident Archery LicenseN/A$16.97
Resident Armed Forces Anterless LicenseN/A$6.97
Resident Bear LicenseN/A$16.97
Resident Disabled Veteran Anterless LicenseN/A$6.97
Resident Landowner's Anterless LicenseN/A$6.97
Resident Migratory Game Bird LicenseN/A$3.97
Resident Muzzleloader LicenseN/A$11.97
Nonresident Type of License
Nonresident Anterless LicenseN/A$26.97
Nonresident Archery LicenseN/A$26.97
Nonresident Bear LicenseN/A$36.97
Nonresident Landowner's Anterless LicenseN/A$26.97
Nonresident Migratory Game Bird LicenseN/A$6.97
Nonresident Muzzleloader LicenseN/A$21.97
  • For detailed information on specific license types and issuing agents, please contact the State License Division directly at (717) 787-2084.
  • To obtain an Elk license please contact the State License Division at the phone number noted above.