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Hunting License
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Resident Junior Hunting12 - 16$6.97
Resident Junior Combo Hunting *12 - 16$9.97
Resident Adult Hunting17 - 64$20.97
Resident Senior Hunting65 - up$13.97
Resident Disabled Vet. HuntingNo Charge
Resident Senior Lifetime Hunting65 - up$51.97
Resident Sr. Lifetime Combo Hunting*65 - up$101.97
Renewal of Senior Lifetime LicenseNo Charge
Nonresident Type of License
Nonresident Junior Hunting12 - 16   $41.97
Nonresident Jr. Combo Hunting*12 - 16$51.97
Nonresident Hunting17 - up$101.97
Nonresident 7-day Small Game Hunting12 - up$31.97
*All combination license types include hunting, furtaker, archery and muzzleloader privileges.
General Furtaker License
Type of License
Resident Junior Furtaker12 - 16      $6.97
Resident Adult Furtaker17 - 64$20.97
Resident Senior Furtaker65 - up$13.97
Resident Disabled Vet. Furtaker (Service Connected)No Charge
Nonresident Junior Furtaker12 - 16$41.97
Nonresident Furtaker17 - up$81.97
Other License
Resident Type of License
Resident Anterless License$6.97
Resident Archery License$16.97
Resident Armed Forces Anterless License$6.97
Resident Bear License$16.97
Resident Disabled Veteran Anterless License$6.97
Resident Landowner's Anterless License$6.97
Resident Migratory Game Bird License$3.97
Resident Muzzleloader License$11.97
Nonresident Type of License
Nonresident Anterless License$26.97
Nonresident Archery License$26.97
Nonresident Bear License$36.97
Nonresident Landowner's Anterless License$26.97
Nonresident Migratory Game Bird License$6.97
Nonresident Muzzleloader License$21.97
  • For detailed information on specific license types and issuing agents, please contact the State License Division directly at (717) 787-2084.
  • To obtain an Elk license please contact the State License Division at the phone number noted above.