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Small Games of Chance

Small Games of Chance Application  -  **Updated as of 8/2018**

*By submitting an application to the Berks County Treasurer’s Office, I understand that the information contained in the application will be subject to public access and voluntarily waive any privacy rights I may have in this information.​*


Small Games of Chance - Annual       $125      License is valid for one (1) year from the date of
                                                                           issuance, and has a $2,000.00 prize limit.  An 
                                                                           eligible organization must have an owned or leased
                                                                           premises to qualify for this type of license. 
                                                                           Fill out form REV-1752 to apply.

Small Games of Chance - Monthly       $25       License is valid for 30 consecutive days, allowing a
                                                                           span of time to sell tickets and end on the day of the
                                                                           event or drawing.  There is a prize limit of $2,000.00.
                                                                           Monthly licenses cannot overlap; however, an eligible
                                                                           organization can obtain more than one per year.
                                                                           Fill out form REV-1752 to apply.

Special Raffle Permit                            $25       Any current holder of an annual or monthly license 
                                                                           that intends to award an individual prize of more than
                                                                           $2,000.00 must obtain a Special Permit, which is only
                                                                           valid for a one-time raffle.
                                                                           Fill out the Special Raffle Permit application to apply.