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​Fully Developed Claims
The Berks County Department of Veterans Affairs is pleased to offer some quick links to information provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs explaining The Fully Developed Claims (FDC) Program.


As described by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on their website, the FDC is:


an optional new initiative that offers Veterans and survivors faster decisions from VA on compensation, pension, and survivor benefit claims.  Veterans and survivors simply submit all relevant records in their possession, and those records which are easily obtainable, such as private medical records, at the time they make their claim and certify that they have no further evidence to submit. VA can then review and process the claim more quickly.
Learn more at their website http://www.benefits.va.gov/fdc/ or by watching the youtube links below:


*   The FDC Program|Section 1: VA Benefits, Who is Eligible, and Claim Types

*   The FDC Program|Section 2: FDC program Overview

*   The FDC Program|Section 3: Partnering with a VSO

*   The FDC Program|Section 4: Filing an Electronic FDC for Disability Compensation

*   The FDC Program|Section 5: Filing an FDC for Pension and DIC

*   The FDC Program|Section 6: Things to Know Before You File an eClaim/FDC

*   Step-by-Step Filing of an Electronic FDC eBenefits

*   Tips for Navigating the VA Claims Process