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 Our Newsletter Descriptions


Feel free to sign up for as many of our newsletters as you would like.  The following is a description for each:

Ambassador/Community Outreach- Are you a veteran who lives in Berks County and would like to donate your time and talent to the mission of serving veterans in your backyard? Learn about opportunities to support the Berks County VA at various outreach events that occur across county over the course of the year and share information regarding VA benefits and resource information at the Federal, State and Local levels.
Student Veterans- Student veterans in Berks County (Alvernia, Albright, Kutztown, RACC, Penn State Berks) will stay informed about opportunities to supplement their educational goals, volunteer, gain learning experiences, internship and employment opportunities. Students will also be informed about shared student centered events and activities sponsored by each Colleges and University in Berks County respectively. 
Crosstalk- Our monthly meeting with key community stakeholders, which consists of, but not limited to, the following organizations: Berks County VA staff, Congressional and Legislative staff members, veteran service organization officers or representatives, non-profit organizations and other community members/groups. It is an open forum, roundtable discussion on all things new and relevant to veterans and families. Participants come and share what their organization is doing in support of veterans and families for the greater good of understanding and awareness across our community. It’s a fast-moving exchange of information and a great way to promote organization awareness, resources and activities. All are welcome and invited to attend. RSVP is not required.
Employment Seekers- Are you a veteran or dependent of a veteran who is unemployed or underemployed and seeking a career opportunity? Sign-up to stay up-to-date on employment opportunities as they arise in our community.
Homeless Veterans- Do you have a passion for supporting the end to veteran homelessness? Then this is the group for you. You will be informed about regular monthly meetings which serve to support the mission to end veteran homeless, housing opportunities that support a viable, safe and stable transition veterans and the non-profit organizations who work hard to help and support these veterans in need.
Incarcerated Veterans-  Berks County aims to leave no man or woman, who has served this country, behind. The county and the VA work together to provide proactive support and guidance to the needs of veterans who are currently incarcerated in order to support a safe and successful transition out of prison and back in to the community while aiming to ultimately reduce veteran recidivism and overall incarceration rates. The Berks County Veterans Jail Initiative serves to fill this gap. The committee is comprised of volunteers who will make regular visits into the jail and provide lifestyle betterment sessions which will consist of Communication and Coping Skills, Finding a Job and Resume Writing, Housing, PTSD and Crisis Awareness. In addition a Berks County Veteran Service Officer(CVSO), a VA Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator(VJO) and Lebanon VA Medical Staff will make regular coordinated visits to the jail in order to ensure the veterans are tracked and informed of the benefits they may be entitled to within the VA or in the community.
Veterans Treatment Court- The Berks County Veterans Treatment Court is a special, problem-solving court that provides comprehensive treatment and alternative sentencing options for our combat veterans who have honorably served their country. Through the collaborative efforts of the Treatment Court Judge, the District Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office, the Veterans Health Administration, the Adult Probation Office, and fellow veteran mentors, combat veterans receive help for PTSD, TBI (traumatic brain injury), substance abuse, and mental health issues directly related to their combat experience. Veterans Court is a 12 to 22 month voluntary program that honors the service of our soldiers through regular bi-weekly interaction and court sessions before the Veterans Court Judge.
Volunteer Drivers- Volunteer Drivers from both the American Red Cross and The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) help veterans with no reliable transportation get from their home to the Lebanon VA Medical Center for their scheduled medical apportionments, then return home.
All of the above- If you would like to stay in the know of all the happenings for veterans in Berks county please click this option.