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Sidewalk Criteria



A.         Adjacent concrete panels may have a maximum elevation difference between panels of one inch (1”) at any point.

B.        Sidewalk panels abutting curbs or curb ramps may have a maximum elevation difference between the sidewalk and the curb or curb ramp of one inch (1”) at any point within the normal pedestrian path of said sidewalk.

C.        Sidewalk panels abutting and parallel to curbs, may have a maximum elevation difference between the sidewalk and the curb of one and one-half inches (1-1/2”) provided said elevation difference is not within the normal pedestrian path of said sidewalk.

D.        Sidewalk panels shall have no more than one crack, crossing the full length or width, in any panel.

E.        Sidewalk panels shall have a structurally sound surface without any spalling, crazing or other deterioration of the surface.

F.        Sidewalk grade/location for sidewalks not abutting curbs, curb ramps or other sidewalk panels shall be within two inches (2”) horizontally and vertically of the grade/location.

G.        In the case of curbing, more than 20% of any scored section must be replaced.

H.        Horizontal deviation at curb joints may not be more than 1” and the continuous length of property curb must be within street grade.

I.         Any sidewalk sections involving a corner, must be replaced with a handicap ramp.

J.         A building permit is required.  Specifications will be given by the Building Inspector.