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Kenhorst properties are serviced by the following utilities:

Water - The Reading Area Water Authority (RAWA) provides water service to Kenhorst Borough.  RAWA bills residents monthly for water service only (not sewer), every month.  Contact  information for RAWA:  1801 Kutztown Road, Reading, PA.  19604, Phone (610) 406-6300.

Sewer - Kenhorst Borough provides sewer services to Kenhorst residents.  Four quarterly bills are issued each year to the owner of record (April, July, October, December). 

Refuse (includes trash, recycling and new in 2013, yard waste collection services) - Kenhorst Borough is responsible for providing refuse services.  The refuse billing is included with the sewer on the quarterly bill. Contact the Borough office with questions:  Kenhorst Borough, 339 S. Kenhorst Blvd, Kenhorst, PA  19607. (610) 777-7327, fax (610) 777-8980,   

Gas - Kenhorst is served by UGI Utilities, Inc.  UGI Customer Service:  800-276-2722

Electric - Kenhorst is served by Met-ED/First Energy.  Met-ED Customer Service (800) 545-7741.

Residents are able to report problems with street lights directly with Met-ED:  

When it comes to streetlight problems, Met-Ed does everything we can to make repairs for you as quickly and safely as possible.

Having addresses and pole numbers when reporting a problem is critical to ensure your issue is addressed promptly.

Did you know there are multiple ways to report a streetlight problem? To report a streetlight problem such as a light out, blinking on-off, staying on during the day, or any other related problem, notify Met-Ed either by [1] visiting our website, [2] submitting a fax or [3] by  phone. Streetlights reported through any of these methods will be inspected promptly and returned to normal operation as soon as possible. Most repairs are made within three days. Sometimes repairs may take longer, depending on the severity of damage and the amount of work that needs to be done.

Using a web enabled device, follow these steps.

1.        Navigate to
2.        Select “Report an Outage” from the upper left menu group
3.        Select “Report Streetlight Problem” or “Report Multiple Streetlight Problems” from the upper left menu group
4.        Complete the on-line form, entries with an asterisk (*) are required fields.
5.        Click [NEXT] at the bottom of the screen when the form is complete.
6.        Review the summary page, and click [SUBMIT] if correct, or [BACK] to return to the previous page to make the      necessary corrections.
7.        Users will then see the following statement on a new web page.
8.        A follow up email will be delivered to the email address provided in step #4 above. This message will include a “notification” number that can be used to follow up with the report should it be necessary.


1        Complete Met-Ed “Street Light Problem Report” form
2        Fax to 800-246-7415


1        Call the FirstEnergy Contact Center at 1-800-545-7741 and follow the automated prompts.
2        Be prepared to provide the closest street address and pole number for the problem streetlight.