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Water Conservation Tips
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Water Conservation measures are an important first step in protecting our water supply. Such measures not only save the supply of our source water, but also can save you money by reducing your water bill. Here are a few suggestions:

Conservation measurers you can use inside your home include:

1. Fix leaking faucets, pipes, toilets, etc.

2. Replace old fixtures; install water-saving devices in faucets, toilets and appliances.

3. Wash only full load of laundry.

4. Do not use the toilet for trash disposal.

5. Take shorter showers.

6. Do not let the water run while shaving or brushing teeth.

7. Soak dishes before washing.

8. Run the dishwasher only when full.

You can conserve outdoors as well:

1. Water the lawn and garden in the early morning or evening.

2. Use mulch around plant and shrubs.

3. Repair leaks in faucets and hoses.

4. Use water-saving nozzles.

5. Use water from a bucket to wash your car, and save the hose for rinsing.

Information on other ways that you can help conserve water can be found at