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The function of Laureldale Borough Council is to orchestrate the many vital organizations within the Borough. They are a body of officials elected by the voters of the Borough of Laureldale.

The council meets @ 7:00 P.M. the second (2nd) Monday of each month in the Borough Hall. Attendance at meetings by interested citizens is encouraged. Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome.


  • Rick Heffner  President of Council
  • Janet Hess   Vice President of Council
  • Bethany Pursell  Council Member
  • Christopher Correll  Council Member
  • Patrick O'Brien Council Member
  • Dean Borrell Council Member
  • Heather Sustello Council Member
    Donald Raifsnider Jr.   Mayor
    Amy Beakley  Secretary/Treasurer
  • You may access information on any of the Committees by clicking on the name below:


    Folder: 2010 Council Meeting Minutes
    2010 Council Meeting Minutes
    7/26/2012 3:31 PMNo presence informationAmy Beakley
    Folder: 2011 Council Meeting Minutes
    2011 Council Meeting Minutes
    7/26/2012 3:27 PMNo presence informationAmy Beakley
    Folder: 2012 Council Meeting Minutes
    2012 Council Meeting Minutes
    1/3/2013 9:55 AMNo presence informationAmy Beakley
    Folder: 2013 Council Meeting Minutes
    2013 Council Meeting Minutes
    9/3/2014 8:27 AMNo presence informationAmy Beakley
    Folder: 2014 Council Meeting Minutes
    2014 Council Meeting Minutes
    9/3/2014 8:48 AMNo presence informationAmy Beakley
    Folder: 2015 Council Meeting Minutes
    2015 Council Meeting Minutes
    3/7/2016 8:03 PMNo presence informationAmy Beakley
    Folder: 2016 Council Meeting Minutes
    2016 Council Meeting Minutes
    3/7/2016 8:21 PMNo presence informationAmy Beakley
    act 44 2015 mrt.pdf
    act 44 2015 mrt
    12/22/2015 10:39 AMNo presence informationAmy Beakley
    3/27/2020 2:29 PMNo presence informationAmy Beakley