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                   Mailing address:

                  P.O. Box 610, Mertztown, PA 19539

                  E-Mail:  Longswamphistory@gmail.com

                  website: www.longswamphistory.org




The Longswamp Township Board of Supervisors set forth the authorization for the establishment of this Longswamp Township Historical Society in Longswamp Township Resolution No. 2009-22, adopted October 27, 2009. The purpose of this Society is to:

  • Discover and preserve educational and illustrative collections of material, structures, and landmarks of the Longswamp Township area.
  • Maintain a museum and non-circulating historical library of the Longswamp Township area.
  • To preserve and record the history and culture of the Longswamp Township area.

The Longswamp Township Historical Society is a self-funded, all-volunteer organization that has been actively serving the community since May, 2011. It has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a non-profit organization under IRS Tax Code 501(c)3 and a public charity under Tax Sub-code Section 509(a)(1). 

In 2019, Atlas Mining & Chemicals, Inc. transferred ownership of the Mertztown train station, which resides on Atlas’ property, to the Longswamp Township Historical Society. The building is one of 35 structures included in a historic preservation overlay zoning district created by the Longswamp Township Historic Commission under Ordinance 2013-27.

With the approval and support of the Board of Supervisors, the building, which operated between 1875 and 1963 as a freight depot and passenger station, will be relocated to the property of the Longswamp Township Community Park (1112 State Street, Mertztown). Once there, the building will be restored for reuse as a museum to display items of relevance to the township and its past.