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Sewer Information

On-Site Sewage Management Program



Since the mid 1900's, development has moved away from cities and into rural areas. As a result, municipalities throughout Pennsylvania are required to develop plans to outline how sewage needs will be addressed. The Township's Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan assessed sewage needs and provided several alternatives, which were approved and ordered by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP)

The villages ofWalnuttown  and Virginville were found to have the highest needs and have been identified as sewer service areas (locations for public sewer). These areas now have public sewer.  Less densely developed, rural areas still showed need for a management program to curb groundwater pollution from failing on-lot septic systems.

As mandated by PADEP, the Board of Supervisors adopted an On-lot Sewage Disposal System Management Ordinance (#99). This ordinance sets forth a plan for the regular pumping of all septic tanks and inspection of systems throughout the Township. The Township has been divided into four separate On-lot Sewage Management Districts to ensure compliance with this requirement.   Each year one of these districts will be completed and property owners in that district will receive letters containing specific information and instructions on or about April 1st. Deadline to have the system pumped and inspected is October 1st of that year. District #1 was completed in 2013; District #2 in 2014; District #3 in 2015; and District #4 in 2016.


 As part of this requirement, the following should be noted:


      You must have your treatment tank(s) pumped and your on-lot
         system inspected.

      Only a municipally licensed septic hauler may perform the pumping

      The septic hauler must submit the On-lot System Pumping and

         Inspection Report to the municipality within 30 days of each pumping.

      In cases where there is an evident malfunction posing a substantial imminent health

        hazard; the Richmond Township Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO), shall be notified

        within twenty-four (24) hours of the inspection.


In recognition of the benefits associated with a sewage management program, including reduced malfunctions, longer lasting on-lot systems, and improved property values, the Board of Supervisors asks for your cooperation and support in this effort. Those who currently have their on-lot systems regularly pumped and inspected are aware of the benefits.