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Joint Comprehensive Plan
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What is the Comprehensive Plan?
This Comprehensive Plan is intended to establish overall policies for the development and conservation of the Governor Mifflin Region over the next 15 years.  The Region includes the Boroughs of Shillington, Kenhorst and Mohnton, and the Townships of Brecknock and Cumru.  This Plan is not by itself a regulation, but is intended to provide the policy direction for changes to the municipalities' development regulations.
The Comprehensive Plan includes the following major parts:
- The Overall Vision and Goals of the Plan
- The Natural Features and Agricultural Conservation Plan
- The Land Use and Housing Plan
- The Community Facilites and Services Plan
- The Plan for the Downtowns
- The Transportation Plan
- The Historic Preservation Plan
- Putting this Plan into Action
- Appendices
How Was the Plan Developed?
This Plan was prepared by a Regional Comprehenisve Plan Committee consisting of elected and appointed officials and other citizens from each of the municipalities.  The Plan policies were developed at monthly workshop meetings that were opened to the public.
The first step in the process was the identification of major issues and concerns that needed to be addressed.  The next step was an analysis and mapping of existing conditions and trends.  The mapping started with computerized information provided by the Berks County Planning Commission.
An "overall vision"  was prepared and a set of goals were written to provide overall direction for the Plan.  Then, a series of alternatives were considered to guide development in different areas of the Region.  The Land Use Plan was then prepared, followed by recommendations concerning Community Facilities, Transportation, Historic Preservation and Natural Features.  Public meetings were then held.
After making revisions to respond to public input, the Plan was adopted by the Kenhorst Borough Council on March 3, 2005, the Brecknock Township Board of Supervisors on March 8, 2005, the Cumru Township Board of Commissioners on March 15, 2005, the Shillington Borough Council on Apirl 14, 2005 and the Mohnton Borough Council on May 11, 2005.