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Borough Ordinance #405 Peddling and Soliciting

The Borough of Sinking Spring has an ordinance which regulates persons who peddle or solicit items for sale, either door-to-door, or by selling them at a stationary location. The following regulations apply to persons who wish to sell or distribute items door-to-door in the Borough of Sinking Spring:

1-Persons wishing to solicit or peddle within the Borough must report to the Sinking Spring Police Department and submit an application to obtain a permit to solicit within the Borough. A copy of the application can be obtained by clicking here.

2-The application must be submitted to the Chief of Police or his designate on the form required. After the form is submitted, a background investigation will be conducted before any permit is issued. This process usually can be done in one day.

3-After all checks have been made, a permit may be issued by the Chief of Police or his designate to the person making application for the permit once the required fee is paid.

4-Permit holders must have the permit, or a copy of same, with them when they are soliciting in the Borough and are required to show it to anyone who asks to see it.

5-Any violation of the rules and regulations of the Ordinance can result in the permit being revoked and/or the permit holder being arrested.

6-These regulations only apply within the Borough of Sinking Spring and have no authority in other municipalities.


Fees to be paid by the permit holder are as follows:

Monthly - $20.00

Yearly - $50.00


1-Soliciting can only be done between the hours of 9:00AM and 6:00PM, unless prior arrangements have been made with the person contacted.

2-All permit holders must identify themselves as a peddler or solicitor and inform occupants that they hold a permit to solicit within the Borough.

3-No permit holder may enter the home of any resident without first having been invited into the residence.

4-No permit holder may conduct themselves in any manner which may be objectionable to the resident or annoy the resident.

5-No permit holder may use any sound making device or make unreasonable noise while they are soliciting.

6-No permit holder may distribute obscene merchandise or printed material or any material which advocates unlawful conduct.


This ordinance does not apply to the following:

1-Any charitable or religious organization.

2-Any individual person selling fruit or farm products.

3-Any person who delivers goods or wares to persons who had ordered same or agreed to have same goods delivered.

4-Any school, political or civic organization or not for profit organization located within the Borough.


6-Persons selling personal property at wholesale to dealers of such property.

7-Persons conducting a bona fide auction sale.

8-Minors involved in sales or solicitations, unless they are working as agents for an organization required to register for a permit.

9-Persons involved in Interstate Commerce to businesses within the Borough.


Any person violation of this ordinance may result in a fine of up to $300.00 per offense.