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Parcel Identification Numbering Update
County of Berks Parcel Identification Numbering Update
Reading, Pennsylvania – October 21, 2019: The County of Berks is announcing updates regarding parcel identifiers and their use with all County land records systems and any publicly accessible land records data. On January 2, 2013 the County of Berks Ordinance 07-2012 went into effect. This ordinance, adopted by resolution of the Berks County Board of Commissioners in October 2012, established a uniform parcel identifier (UPI) system for use on all land record documents filed in Berks County. This ordinance established the legacy property identifier number (PROPID) as the UPI.
This ordinance also established a requirement to provide a uniform parcel identification number on all recorded land record documents involving interest in real property. The establishment of the UPI enables more consistent and streamlined communication between the County departments such as the Recorder of Deeds, Assessment, GIS, Tax Claim, Treasurer, Planning Commission, Agriculture and Emergency Services, as well as municipalities, utilities, engineering firms and constituents.
In 2019, the County began multiple land records implementation projects that include the following: a new Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system for the Berks County Assessment Department; revising the GIS Parcel Mapping process; and the implementation of a new Tax Administration System for the Berks County Treasurer and Tax Claim Departments and County Tax Collectors. The County wishes to inform its citizens, public users, as well as municipal officials, that the identifier of record that will be used in all these land record systems will be the County’s Universal Parcel Identifier (UPI). The County’s PROPID is the County’s Unique Parcel Identifier (UPI) and is the identifier that is required on all recorded documents and is also the key identifier in the County’s assessment database. It can be identified as a number that is 14 to 17 digits in length such as 07530784808607.
On October 1, 2020 the County will cease to use any legacy identifiers, including the Map PIN and Account Number, as identifiers on public correspondence, forms, bills, GIS data, etc. The Map PIN can currently be identified as a 12-digit number that was generated for the use and development of legacy tax maps. A current example is 530784808607. The Account Number can be currently identified as an 8-digit number and was another legacy identifier mainly used for the Tax Administration Systems. A current example is 07025650.
Beginning on October 1, 2020 the County will solely use the UPI/PROPID in all internal land records systems as identified above and the public advertisement and use of any other identifiers will no longer occur. Map PIN numbers and Account numbers will no longer be created or maintained. The County encourages any public or private entity that is currently using any legacy property identifiers to make efforts to convert any existing documentation to the UPI/PROPID.
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